Adoption = Despicable


We are watching Despicable Me 2. The movie is funny in itself, but the best part is listening to the kids laugh. Some parts elicit a giggle, while others bring a full-on belly laugh. Watching Gru and his minions’ antics brings back memories of our first few months.

When the kids first arrived, Despicable Me 1 was their favorite movie. They watched it anytime we had movie time. They watched it in bits and pieces on the rare days it did not take hours to complete their kindergarten and first grade homework (which should have taken 30 minutes max). They watched it in full on movie night with pizza and soda (every Friday). They watched it on Saturday afternoon. They watched it on Sunday afternoon. We basically had the movie memorized.

I think, on a subconscious level (aside from the fact that the movie is genius and hilarious) they loved the movie because it tells their story: children who were abandoned to a horrible, uncaring individual, then taken to a home they thought might be a good fit, then taken from the home by social workers. The children think they are unwanted, but then, they are rescued and adopted.

Our kids spent their first five (she) and three (he) years locked in a bedroom by their biological mother, The next two years were comprised of at least five moves. In one of the homes, there was an older child who threatened to kill them in their sleep (gee, maybe this is why our boy couldn’t sleep more than 3 hours a night). The children were made aware (either by the social workers or the foster parents) that the reason they were moved was their horrendous behavior. By the time they arrived on our back porch (dropped off by a temporary foster parent, sans social worker who should have been with them), they were thoroughly convinced that no one could want them.

I became slightly concerned about the Despicable Me attachment (after watching it for the 30th time), but since it ends well I figured it might be a good thing to just let them watch until they moved on. They didn’t move on. After the 130th viewing, I checked with the counselor. He said it would be okay; just let them watch. They would eventually find another movie they liked. And, after viewing #335, they did.

Watching Gru and his minions’ antics reminds me of just how far they’ve come. We’ve come.

They’ve made so much progress since even Despicable Me 2 came out. We saw it in theaters, and when the minions became purple monsters, our boy hopped in my lap quicker than scat. He looped his little arms around my neck and held on tight. For the entire purple minion sequence.

After the movie, he asked me to “not get” the DVD. (He has since changed his mind.) Tonight, over a year later, neither child is concerned. It’s a movie. They know everything goes well in the end. Just like their lives; everything will work out. Eventually.



Post Script: I had already finished my post, but I have to add this. At the end of the movie, Agnes (the youngest child) says, “She kisses my boo boos, she braids my hair…My new mom Lucy is beyond compare.” Tonight, at the same time, my son was quoting along with her, but replaced “Lucy” with my name, then looked at me and said, “I love you, Mama.” If that won’t melt your heart, well, I can’t help you.

**And although this is post is not a plug for Despicable Me, I highly recommend both movies.

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  1. I’m sad to read what your children have been through in their early years.
    Good that you can make them find a new family.

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  2. What a lovely lovely post, I really enjoyed reading this. It was so nice to hear that your children have a lovely life now, it’s sad they had such an awful time to begin with but thank goodness they have you. My little sisters used to watch Toy Story on repeat when they were young, I know every line now because of it! 🙂

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  3. OH yes that melted my heart! How precious! Awful about what your children went through! So glad God blessed them with you!

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  4. This is adorable. How sad for your children to have had to go through what they went through. Thank God they are with you now.

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